madamChildren regardless of their age, class, race of background mostly are not like a notebook yet to be written upon. As is mistakenly believed. Each child has HIS own individuality and his special skills and talents a good educational system helps a child to nurture his talents and overcome his shortcomings. Only by providing appropriate, all encompassing education that will lead to the development of the all round personality of a child  .....   Continue Reading





    The motto of the school is “Learn to Lead” as the institution will instill the sense of leadership through learning.


    The school is committed to encourage its students to develop their attitude and learn with inquisitiveness and confidence, build strong foundation for future academic development, promote opportunities for success in the areas of their strength and develop skill to overcome challenges, consider all facets of childhood development, develop their intellectual, creative and moral values and above all stimulate discipline and leadership qualities at the highest possible level.



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